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Greve | Feeling safe in our tunnels?

We often move through the city, on the worst days and at the best. Or just when you’re out to go for an evening stroll?

The city’s streets and paths are part of our lives – But what mood they bring in us when we pass them on the way to sports or school? 

Street Studies is working to create present stories in street art galleries, and we want to share that with you.


The project is a collaboration between Greve Municipality’s Traffic & Landscape department and Street Studies CPH to create a safe environment for the users of the city’s tunnels.

As part of the pilot project Greve Trygge Tunneler, the team, together with the municipality of Greve and the residents in the local area, have worked on telling stories on the neglected tunnel walls.

Trygge Tunneler 2017

Title: “A journey down Memery Lane”
Area: The residents of Eriksminde landowner association in Greve.
Property type: Family houses
Period: The project was carried out in the period July 2017 – November 2017.

Creative process: Artistic focus | Curated works where two of Denmark’s leading wall artists / muralists planned an artistic production
Motives: Portraits of “ordinary” residents from the local area.
Social focus: Creation of a common identity in an area where they have many features within the perimeter, meaning common areas are less necessary.
Citizen involvement: Interviews with the area’s locals | Artist talk during the painting process and for the gallery opening.
Communication: Video production, project case, posters in the tunnels.
Society benefit: Local entrepreneurs as subcontractors, supporting creative entrepreneurship in Denmark, professional research with the tunnel in focus.


Read our 2017 interviews here

Steffen Gray | Street Studies CPH | Projektleder | Creative Placemaking | Graffiti Projekt | Utrygge Tunneler 2017 | Greve, Hundige, Eriksminde

Steffen Gray

Creative placemaker and project mangager

Brandon Lewis

Muralist og mediaplanner

Nicky Petersen

Greve municipality city planner

Jens Alexander

Architect | Fællesrum Arkitektur

Sabrina Stender


Jonathan Fjord

Storyteller | Visual Communication

Hakon Ask


Trygge Tunneler 2018

Title: Good Vibes
Area: The residents in the social housing areas Gersagerparken, Tjurgården.
Property type: Apartment buildings with communal areas.
Project dates: The project was carried out during the period April 2018 – November 2018.

Creative Process: The physical change was based on a graffiti, internationally-event
Motives: Creative freedom under the theme “Good Vibes”
Social focus: Creating a breeding ground for especially young initiative in the area and joint efforts between the area’s stakeholders and social initiatives.
Citizen engagement: Workshops at Arenaskolen and Krogårdskolen, city walk with a Freestyle rap summary
Communication: Video Productions, posters in the tunnels and by entrances in the area | Facebook event | An academic seminar on creative place making.
Social impact: Creative entrepreneurship in Denmark | academic research focussed on perceived public safety and methodical urban observation.

  • Area 1: Skelmosestien under Godsvej
  • Area 2: Gersagerstien under Gersagerparken
  • Area 3: Vinkelstien under Gersagerparken  

City walk and Freestyle rap summary with Pelle Møller

Good Vibes Jam | CLASHcph and Hip Hop hub

  • Urban Dance workshop
  • Urban Dance battle
  • Urban Dance jam
  • Live-dj
  • Rap-performance
  • Interviews with the dancers


The team’s city planner, Trine, spent many hours observing in the weeks surrounding the event.

Many days were rainy, but she noticed a lot of interesting interactions with the urban space in and around the tunnels anyway.

Trine’s observations will soon be found on this page, along with the rest of the case.

2018-08-31 14.25.38-1_preview

Anxienty psychiatrists talks about percieved public safety

As part of this year’s case, we have chosen to dive deeper into the concept of insecurity. 

We find that the expression is often used in contexts where a large number of assumptions arise. Therefore, we have asked the psychology clinic Mindwork, which specializes in treating anxiety, to give us some sparring on “the safe urban space.

Kathrine Møller Andersen (Cand.psych. og owner of MindWork)
Christa Koll Thystrup
(Cand. psych)

Interviewer: Steffen Gray
Transcriber: Trine Hess