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Street Studies' international network of practioners and researchers in the fields connected to creative placemaking

  • What is creative placemaking?

  • How can street art, graffiti, muralism, music and creativity of all kinds empower and enrich collaborative and inclusive approaches to urban planning, civic engagement and community building?

  • What does supporting the roles of creativity in placemaking involve? How can we ‘do’ it? And how can we understand it better?


The international Creative Placemaking Network facilitates energising open discussion and collaborative exchanges between practitioners, researchers and all urban space actors.


Connecting placemakers from around the world, this initiative provides a unique opportunity to meet, listen, talk, observe and ask questions about creative placemaking in ways that inspire and guide future action.


As such, in addition to sharing latest practice and research, the Network aims to provide a platform for you to actively contribute to and shape this evolving field. 


Participatory, bottom-up urban planning and community building processes that integrate art and creativity as core enablers and assets can activate places where people want to be, and where people feel connected, in all senses of the word.


To support the placemaking value of creativity, we too must connect and collaborate. 




Amelia Green

Head of research 
Street Studies

Ph.D and Researcher at Griffith University

  • City brands developing organically
  • Everyday interactions
  • Symbolic Communication

Various projects using qualitative methods to research Place + Brand + Life

Instagram: @Urban_Brandscapes

  • Human connection
  • Fluid symbolism
  • Genuine intent
  • Artist development

Join us if you're equally driven and intrigued by creative placemaking or similar topics!