Safe and inspiring urban places

Street Studies is the urban planner’s and architect’s expanded toolbox. We facilitate informal citizen involvement, creative placemaking and stakeholder development in urban spaces.

Our team offer you to fill the role as project partner or subcontractor for urban development projects.

We formulate proposals and sit around the table from the planning phase to project shutdown and evaluation – so you get the right solution for your area, integrating realistic project elements and time frames  from the start. We draw up a number of scenarios with price examples that decision makers can use to choose from.

If urban spaces lack social momentum or a cultural boost, we contribute to urban put the “toolbox” with a number of different and innovative project elements.

As a partner we offer holistic solutions that holds elements in areas such as:
  • Project management, curation and facilitation.
  • Crime prevention and security-building efforts
  • International street art festivals
  • Specially organized street galleries.
  • Research in urban sociology and urban life studies
  • Campaigns, Illustrations and Media materials that present products and processes
  • Events and cultural activities
  • Place branding and destination marketing
  • Creating facilities for street sport, including Parkour and Skate / scooters
  • Project funding of major projects in cooperation with municipal centers
  • Planning of recreational areas in eg residential housing

New life to neglected spaces

Our experience tells us that municipalities can save budgets graffiti cleaning while experiencing greater social and cultural synergies in areas. Dissatisfaction with the city’s space is turned into well-being in the local area.

Research and documentation work is a natural part of our processes, making us unique within our narrow niche

The young generation must in on it!

Young people are tomorrow’s initiators, and they are an incredible resource when making initiatives aimed at .. yes, young people.

  • We give young project makers and youth councils sparring and project training.
  • We strengthen creative efforts in public schools, youth centres and the area as a whole – And help the local community connect with creative practitioners, for the benefit of the youth of the area.
  • Troubled young people are paid for their help before, during and after our projects as part of pocket money initiatives.

One of our points of impact has been Ringsted, where the city planning is working on linking the busy Northern Outlet Center better to the city center.

Here is one of our suggestions on how to create experiences that bind city parts together leading the visitors to follow an experiental path through the city

Make urban spaces

A few times pr year, we send updates on our recent projects, open calls, internships. So if you want to stay in the loop on the most important parts of our work, this is a great way to start. 

We break it down in a nice overview, so you can pick out the parts you find interesting! So fill out the form and let us do the rest.